Facing north/east

“We do not simply create projects…

We define standards.”

— Anthony Broccolini

700 St-Jacques will rise up in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier International and will serve as the benchmark for quality and innovation.

“Your space. Your story. Your address”

The 700 St-Jacques offers you the unique chance to establish your business in a place that reflects your brand: visionary, forward thinking and concerned with the well-being of your people. A great place to work that inspires us, collectively, to create a better future.

Quality is a family tradition


A third-generation developer-builder, Broccolini has built more than 30 million square feet of commercial, industrial and residential space. The 700 St-Jacques joins an impressive list of Broccolini’s prestigious projects in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, such as The Slater, the 628 Saint-Jacques and L’Avenue. Highly respected in the industry, their dedication to quality and innovation is a testament to their passion.


Visionary architecture

– “Here, the past gives rise to the future.”

An architectural concept developed down to the smallest detail by two of the best firms in North America, IBI and BLTA. A project that features a level of refinement unrivaled in Montreal, that seamlessly blends the well-being of its occupants with a great respect for the surrounding natural environment.

Facing west

Facing south/east

Facing south

Facing north/east

A project with infinite possibilities.

BLTA Montréal

Established in 1970, the firm provides a wide range of expertise such as high-rise buildings and sustainable design.

IBI Group Toronto

Founded in 1974, the firm provides professional services in planning and design for urban development and transportation.

“ The Architectural signature express a strong appreciation of the past while looking forward to a fully engaged future in what is the continuation of Montreal’s renaissance as the place to be.”

Mansoor Kazerouni

Global Director, IBI GROUP

An oasis of well-being

– “A breath of fresh air in the urban landscape.”

The adjacent park is a breath of fresh air for the cityscape, and the benefits of working nearby are manifold. The outdoor space becomes an extension of the workplace, a place to enjoy a bite to eat, to take a coffee break or to simply clear one’s mind. Each office floor opens on large balconies that overlook the park, allowing your employees to find inspiration throughout the changing seasons and to recharge their batteries every day.

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